Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo that drives you mad and you hate looking at it, be it an awful drawing,  an ex’s name, or something completely inappropriate which may have been funny when you were young and silly but now not so much, you may have thought of getting it removed and considered laser tattoo removal.  Whether it’s to have it removed completely or to have it faded for a cover up there are certain things to take into consideration. 

Laser tattoo removal is not cheap, just because your brothers friends  cousin pulled out a tattoo gun at a party years ago and charged you 30 quid for something you thought was a great idea at the time, does not mean getting rid of it will be that easy.  

The equipment and technology required to remove tattoos is medical grade and requires specific training and those who provide this service undergo stringent assessment to ensure they meet the strict safety measures required for a RQIA certification.  This is to ensure that removing your tattoo using laser equipment is done safely and effectively. 

Laser tattoo removal also requires a degree of commitment, this process is not a quick fix.  It takes multiple treatments over a prolonged period of time.  You can be expected to have at least 6 to 8 treatments possibly more to completely remove your tattoo, these must be done in at least 6 week intervals.  The number of treatments required vary from person to person and factors affecting this include the colour and age of the tattoo and the body’s natural response to the laser treatment. 

A common misconception of laser tattoo removal it that the laser “blasts” the ink away, this is not technically how it works.  The laser is used to target the pigment in the ink particles of the tattoo, causing a heat reaction to break up these ink particles making it easier for the macrophages (white blood cells) of the immune system to ingest them and remove them from the body via the body’s lymphatic system. 

Pain is often a concern with many people when considering laser tattoo removal and the short answer is yes it’s a bit uncomfortable, many describe it like being repeatedly snapped with a rubber band.  But in all honesty if you can sit through having a tattoo done you can sit through a laser treatment. We try our best to advise you on how to make the experience more bearable with the use of numbing cream or cooling packs for the treated area. This is something that we would discuss with you individually during your consultation. 

Treatments themselves may not take a considerable amount of time and very much depend on the size of the tattoo being treated, for example a small hand tattoo could take less than 20 minutes per session.  Larger areas or tattoos with intricate designs or those with multiple colours will require longer time to treat for each session. 

Not everyone will be suitable to have laser treatments, there are many contraindications to having a laser treatment these will be identified during the consultation and it to ensure your safety completely, we will not treat if it is considered unsafe to do so.  Your safety is our priority and we endeavour to maintain high standards in all our laser treatments, a patch test and  consultation is required for any laser or IPL treatment and personal considerations can be discuss to suit you individually with your treatment. 

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