If you are considering having laser tattoo removal treatments at Laser Skin Therapy here are a few things to consider.

Our pricing starts at £50 and you will receive a personalised quote depending on the size, shape and coverage of your tattoo.

Before starting and laser tattoo removal treatments you will be required to have a consultation and patch test, this involves completing a brief questionnaire to include details of any medical conditions and or medication you are currently taking and an assessment of how your skin reacts to the sun.  During this consultation we will also use the laser on the tattoo and apply 3 shots to each colour within the tattoo.  This allows us to ensure the machine settings are correct and safe and gives you an idea of how it will feel.

After the consultation and patch test you must wait a minimum of 48 hours (72 hours for certain medications) before having your first laser tattoo removal treatment

It takes time to fully remove a tattoo, multiple treatments are required to fully remove a tattoo, these are done a minimum of 6 weeks apart.

Having laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable with some clients describing it feeling like being snapped with a rubber band, there are things that we can help with to ease the discomfort and this is something that can be discussed with you laser technician during your consultation appointment.

Another factor to consider is the area cannot be treated if there has been recent sun exposure in the weeks before the treatment or is expected in the weeks following a treatment.  Committing to wearing SPF 30+ on the area and keeping it protected from the sun will ensure the best results.

All treatments are for over 18 only

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