What is it?

Both are treatments that offer permanent hair reduction in most areas over the body ranging from your face, underarms, chest, back, bikini area or legs, basically anywhere where you grow hair can be treated. 

Hair removal for both methods work the same way, in that they use a light source to targets the melanin or pigment in the hair, to cause a heat reaction resulting in destruction of the cells that create hair.

Both methods offer a permanent reduction in hair but will require you to maintain the achieved results with top up sessions of the treated area once or twice a year.  Often with repeated treatments the hair will never grow back, but this cannot be guaranteed with either treatment.

How are they delivered?

Both laser and IPL work by using a light source to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Lasers work by producing a single spectrum of concentrated light in one single red colour and wavelength.  This single spectrum of light only allows a small area to be treated with each “shot” from the laser meaning that treating larger areas for hair removal can become very time consuming.

IPL is a broad spectrum of light in various colours and wavelengths.  Due to IPL devices being significantly larger than that of lasers the time it takes to treat an area for hair removal will be considerably less than that of a laser treatment for hair removal

How does it feel?

In general client describe the level of discomfort during their hair removal treatments and something similar to being snapped with an elastic band.

During a laser hair removal treatment cool air is blown over the treatment area whilst delivering the shots, this provides some comfort and cools the skin.

Similarly with IPL hair removal treatments a cooling gel is applied to the treated area which helps defuse the light and also act as a coolant to the skin.


Any laser or IPL treatment for hair removal is going to be an expensive process, it may require significant financial input in the short term but in the long term you will make considerable savings.  

At Laser Skin Therapy we use IPL as our device for permanent hair reduction the advanced technology from our All White Flash Combo machine allows us to treat all skin tones whilst also ensuring achievable results and with maximum client safety in mind. 

Our technician is a fully trained highly skilled practitioner who will be able to talk you through all aspects of your treatments and ensure that your journey to permanent hair reduction is as smooth as your skin will be once your treatments are complete.

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